New Works (Current Exploration)

For the last three or four years I have been working on a Cosmic Tree theme.  A variety of sculpture and painting works of this theme in series form were created and exhibited.   Following are some of the representative works of Cosmic Tree theme. You will find more works of these  in Theme 3 gallery:

K. Ikeda Studio scene- June, 2016, Portland, Oregon

Cosmic Leaves

Cosmic Tree

Lines of Gravity

Forms from the Cosmic Tree

Cosmic Fantasy II

Suns, Stars, and Cosmic Tree

World of Light, Color, and Darkness

Relatively Recent Works, but not of Cosmic Tree Theme

Tree of Life of All Seasons

You will find more of these in Theme 1, Gallery1 section

"Tree of Life in All Seasons--Final Harvestl- Fruits of Golden Rings",2013,mixed media with hanging cherry blossoms, 60x70x41 :

"Tree of Life in All Seasons: Early Spring", 2013, mixed media, lilac, 47"x45"x 36"

Tree of Life in All Seasons: Summer (view 1)

" Tree of Life in All Seasons: Full Harvest", 2013, mixed media with heavenly bamboo, 41'x24' x31"ua