Cosmic Tree

These pieces are 3-d visualization of Cosmic Tree, and as such are central works within my oeuvre


So far only  four pieces on this theme have been completed. Three shown here. Few others are in the process of being made. This is a major, unifying  group of works that ties many directions of my work. These works, however,  are complicated and demand hours of time to be completed.  Cosmic Tree pieces are not frontal: the view varies from each, different angle.  As such, I have shown various views  here.

Cosmic Tree III

Cosmic Tree I

Cosmic Tree #1 (view 1)



Six Views of Cosmic I


Cosmic Tree II

"Cosmic Tree II" (view 5), 2019

Six Views of Cosmic II

Cosmic Tree #3

"Cosmic Tree III" (view of work at solo exhibition in Alexander gallery, Clackamas Community College, Oregon City, Oregon ), fall 2022



Six Views of Cosmic III