Everyday Life in the World of Tree of Life

This group of work describes life in the world of Tree of Life. 


"Hunting for the Giant Snail", 50"x38"x13", 2009-2010,

"Everyday Scenes from Leaves and Branches of the Tree of Life" (slide show)

Slide Show: Each of these work consists of sculpture, drawing(s),and a very short story. Everyday Scene works differ from other works of mine in that they are commentary, often a satire, on various subjects such as politics, religion and culture.

The Tree of Life in my conception is immensely huge; not as much of a real tree as an analogy for the universe. Characters were created in these pieces describing life in this imaginary world.

Individual sculptures

"Offering an Apple to an Innocent Serpent", 30"x14"x20", 2009-10

"Archangel Raphael Healing the Wounded Earth", 76"x38"x 23", 209-10

"War with Worms from Tartarus", 2009-10, 51"x24"x11"

"Upon seeing the Commandments, Micro-dino mama has Second Thoughts",19"x17"x31",

"Empathy, Not Books Heal Myopia", 46"x26"x9", 2009-10