Artist Statement: Cosmic Tree of Life


Inspirations behind my work of the last thirty years has


come from memorable dreams that I experienced back in the


late 1980's to early 90's. From recapitulating and pondering


over these seemingly 'archetypal' dreams, I have created a


personal myth in visual art form that tries to explain human


destiny as I see it. However, it will be very difficult to


comprehend my thoughts from viewing single piece or even the


whole exhibition: you will likely only see abstract patterns and


forms. Like puzzle, you will probably need to see considerable


number of works before picture begin to appear and you can


perceive thoughts behind them. I state that because I myself


has just begun to see the overall picture after years of working.


That is fine. Hopefully, these forms and patterns of individual


pieces are intriguing enough to emote sensations or thoughts,


and appreciated as artwork in its own.





Among the dreams that have influenced me and my


art, this particular one was exceptional and most influential: In


this dream,I was in the center of universe surrounded by zillions


of whirling orbs which I thought were suns and stars. With an


immense energy which I felt, they moved toward the center


where nebulous, ever- changing form stood. Afterward I came


to see the whole universe as macro-cosmic Tree- a Cosmic


Tree in which suns and stars, the fruits; a central, nebulous


form, the trunk; and branches of and cosmic dusts.



To depict this Cosmic Tree and to illustrate thoughts derived


from analyzing the dream, I have used a variety of art media-


installations, paintings, drawings and even verses. With


sculpture, I have illustrated the Cosmic Tree symbolically as an


organic, plant like form colored with spiraling patterns


resembling stars and galaxies. Though in a dream, the Cosmic


Tree is ever changing, boundless form, to create it in a concrete


sculptural form, I've captured it as though time stopped for a


nanosecond, and form instantaneously solidify.