At Creative Arts Community workshop in Menucha, Columbia gorge, Oregon, 2012
At Creative Arts Community workshop in Menucha, Columbia gorge, Oregon, 2012



Born:1952, Kushikino City, Kagoshima



Immigrated to the United States in 1960;

became US citizen in 1963


Resided in Sapporo, Japan from 1988-2008

Currently resides in Portland, Oregon, USA




1980     MFA in Sculpture, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon


1977     BS in Art, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon


1970-4  Attended Oregon State University and University of Oregon, major                   in architecture









2020    "Parts of the Cosmic Tree II", Blackfish Galllery, Portland,  Oregon


2019     " Visions of the Cosmic Tree", Blackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon


2017     "Forms from the Cosmic Tree", Blackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon


2016     "Cosmic Leaves", Blackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon


2015     "Leaves of the Cosmic Tree", Blackfish Gallelry, Portland, Oregon


2014     “Suns, Stars and Cosmic Tree”, Blackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon


2013     Gravity- Invisible Branches of the Cosmic TreeBlackfish Gallery,  

              Portland, Oregon


            “Tree of Life in All SeasonsBlackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon


2010     “Face Fruits and Leaves and Branches of the Tree of Life: the     


             “Everyday Scenes from Leaves and Branches of the Tree of Life”
  Blackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon


“Ken Ikeda and Students+Friend Exhibition”Kitahiroshima                                   Cultural Gallery,Kitahiroshima, Hokkaido, Japan


2003     “People of the Tree of Life” Sapporo City Shiryokan Gallery,

              Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan


2001     “Fruits and Other Parts of the Tree”Utukushigaoka Gallery, Sapporo  



1999     “Endless Thread” Utsukushigaoka Gallery, Sapporo, Japan


             “Forms from the Tree of Life II”Best Pocket Gallery, Sapporo Art        

              Park, Sapporo, Japan


1997     “Forms from the Tree of Life” AM Art Gallery, Sapporo, Japan


1984     “Wheels, Stairways, and Heaven - Everything’s but a Spiral” North    

             View  Gallery, Portland Community College, Portland, Oregon


             “Cross Section Series” Littman Gallery, Portland State University,  

     Portland, Oregon


            “Ur: Patterns, Erosions, and Duration”Northwest Artists Workshop, Portland, Oregon


1984    “The Floor” Bush Barn Gallery, Salem, Oregon


1983    “The Wall Series” Blackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon


1981     “The Train, the Traps, and the Wall Series”Blackfish Gallery, Portland, 



1979     “The Artifact Series” Blackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon

             “Construction Sculptures” MFA Thesis Exhibition,Gallery 299, 

              PortlandState University, Portland, Oregon







WORKS/ Installation Projects




2019      "Cyrus;s Lost Invention". an installation project, Portland, 



2018      "Parts of the Cosmic Tree", Blackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon


2016      "Cosmic Leaf #2" - an installation projcect, Fishbowl I,


               Blackfish  Gallery, Portland, Oregon


2015      " A Leaf of the Cosmic Tree", an installation project, Fishbowl I,


               Blackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon


2013   Lights within Matter, installation project, Fishbowl I , Blackfish Gallery


2013   Leaves from a Different Tree, M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery, Seattle 

              Central  Community College, Seattle, Washington


2006     “Fifth IEAD Institute of Environmental Art and Design Convention”

              an academic, convention exhibition, Spica Hall, Sapporo, Japan


2005     “Kioku (memory of wood) Exhibition” a thematic exhibition of

              wood sculpture Kitahiroshima Cultural Hall Gallery, Kitahiroshima,                       Japan


1985     “Issei Artists” a group exhibition of first generation Asian-American 

              artists, Interstate Firehouse Gallery, Portland, Oregon









2019      Blackfish 40th Aanniversary Exhibition, Blackfis Gallery, Portland,  



2017      "Green" a thematic group exhibition, Blackfish  Gallery, Portland,                Oregon


2016     "Green" a thematic group exhibition,  Blackfish Gallery, Portland,



2015     “Window: a Dialogue”, Blackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon


2014     “Blackfish at 35”, Valise Gallery, Vashon Island, Washington


             “Being Blackfish, 35thann. exhibit, Blackfish Gallery, Portland                         

             “Ironies/Satires, Blackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon     


             “Becoming Blackfish, 35thann. exhibit, Blackfish Gallery Blackfish                      Gallery, Portland, Oregon


2013     RitualBlackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon


             “RainBlackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon



2012     InfluenceBlackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon


2010     “Blackfish Drawing Exhibition”, Portland, Oregon


1999     “Blackfish Tenth Year Anniversary Exhibition” Portland, Oregon


1986     “Pacific Vista” Index Gallery, Clark College, Vancouver, Washington


             “Northwest Artists Interpret the Landscape” an invitational thematic

              group exhibition, Blackfish Gallery, Portland Oregon


1985     “East Meets West” Erickson Building, Portland, Oregon


             “15thAsian American Exhibition” Pacific Arts Center, Seattle, 



             “Public Hanging, Portland Center for Visual Arts, Portland, Oregon


             “Issei ArtistsInterstate Firehouse Cultural Center, Portland, Oregon


1984     “Asian Point of View” Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Assoc. 

              Building, Portland, Oregon


             “First Alumni Show” Littman Gallery, Portland State University campus,
  Portland, Oregon


             “Artquake 84 , Portland, Oregon


             “Northwest Artists Workshop Group Show” Federal Building, Portland, 



1983     “Oregon Biennial” Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon


             “Artquake ’83 Invitational Sculpture Show” Portland, Oregon


1982     “Group Show” Lane Community College, Eugene, Oregon


             "Artquake 82 Invitational Sculpture Show", Portland, Oregon


1981     “Mountain High III, Woodwork” Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood, Oregon


             “Artquake 81, Portland, Oregon


1980     “Blackfish at Cheney Cowles Museum” Spokane, Washington


1980     “Sculpture 80” Foster White Gallery Sculptural Invitational, Seattle,        



1979     “The Opening Exhibition of Blackfish Gallery, Introducing Blackfish”


             “Additive Sculpture, Art Place, Portland, Oregon


             “ Artquake 79, Portland, Oregon


1978     Group Sculpture ShowThe Fountain Gallery, Portland, Oregon


1977     Tenth Annual Thousand OaksArt Festival, Los Angeles, California








2009      Rejoined Blackfish Co-op Gallery, Portland, Oregon


2006-17 Member, IEAD Institute of Environmental Art and Design

              (A college academic association- centered in Tokyo; open            

              i nternationally)


1994-06 Member, College Art Teachers Association of Japan


1992-08 Member of Dohto University Institute of International Design

              and Institute of International Architecture. As member, wrote articles 

              and translated Japanese articles of university research magazines into



                          1.RUSSEL-  informational publication for Institute of 

                                               International Design

                          2. IGLOO-    nformational publication for Institute of

                                               International Architecture


1985-86 Board Member of Northwest ArtistsWorkshop- alternative gallery



1984      Co-organizer of an exhibition of Asian Artists of Oregon, “Asian Point

              of View”


1979-83 Original Member of Blackfish Artist Co-op Gallery








2012-3   Summer sculpture workshop, Creative Arts Community,                                       Menucha, Oregon


1995-08 Taught sculpture and design at Dohto University as an associate                       professor (tenure)


1992-95 Taught various subjects in Japanese and English to students

               transferring to colleges in America- a preparatory program at Dohto

               Junior College, Sapporo,


1992-95 Taught sculpture as a guest lecturer at Dohto Univ. Mombetsu campus








1984     Co-Grantee of Multi Arts Programs NEA Grant for sponsoring an        

             Exhibition,“ Asian Point of Viewat Chinese Consolidated Benevolent   

             Assoc. Building, Portland, Oregon


1977     Florence Heidel Art Scholarship, Portland State University








2008      newspaper article, Ken Ikeda and Friends ExhibitionFebruary, Doshin

             (Hokkaido, Japan) newspaper


2007      newspaper review, From Tree- Form of Life- Exhibition", Feb.16                       evening Doshin  (Hokkaido, Japan) newspaper


1984      newspaper article, Asian Point of View, Oct. 19, 1984 by Jane

              Christ, The Oregonian


1983      review, Art form juxtaposes natural, man- made elementsby Ron

              Cowan, July 1, 1983 Statesman-Journal, Salem, Oregonian Weekly

              April,21and 27th edition, Portland, Oregon


             “Timberline Woodworksby Louise Klemperer, The Oregonian week

              of October 20-26,


1980      Shining Through the Sculptural Treasure by Regina Hackett; July 3,


1980      Seattle Post Intelligence; article on Sculpture 80"exhibition, Foster

              White Gallery, Seattle, Washington








2006      Non-Firing Clay Sculptures, Research Report, Seventh ConventIon                   of IEAD- Instituteof Environmental Art and Design


2005      Short article on sculpture works, Giant Face Fruits: Princess Mai                  Mai",  Dohto University, Faculty of Arts Bulletin, Vol.31


2003      Short article on sculpture works, People of the Tree of Life,                      Dohto University Faculty of Arts Bulletin, Vol. 29


2002      Short article on sculpture works, Face Fruits and the Harvest Basket",               Dohto University Faculty of Arts Bulletin, Vol. 28


2000      Design Trend On Forms from the Tree of Lifeby K. Ikeda, Vol.2000-3

              RUSSEL- an informational publication of Institute of International



1999      Short article on sculpture works, Formsfrom the Tree of Life,

              Dohto U. Faculty of Arts Bulletin, Vol. 24


1979      MFA Thesis, Construction Works, Portland State University, Portland,