Face Fruits I

"Giant Face Fruit:Princess Mai Mai"
"Giant Face Fruit:Princess Mai Mai"

Face Fruits are the main product of Tree of Life.  These represent each individual person that has lived, is living and will come to live.  Face Fruits in this page are the original face fruits that I have created around 2000-1.  I have made several types at the same time with each group determined by the color of the final finish. The giant face fruit, " Princess Mai Mai " (below left) is the only exception, and it was sculpted between late 2004 to early 2006.

Maple Face Fruits

Above are Face Fruits that are finished with maple stain varnish as a dominant color though other color varnishes were added to enrich the finish.




Soap Face Fruits

These are Face Fruits that were made around 2000-1.  They are lighter than others of the kind though made with same clay material.  Unlike others, I have not stained varnish them, instead they are finished with liquitex matt varnish which gave them soap stone like appearance; hence the name, Soap Face Fruits.

Giant Face Fruit- "Princess Mai Mai"